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Uttlesford COVID

New Cases

Uttlesford Incidence

Relative no. of positive tests in Uttlesford, calibrated for test capacity and pillar variance.

Active Cases

East of England

Percentage infected in the East of England; Blue: All strains, Red: BA.1 Omicron, Green: Delta & BA.2.

R Number

East of England R = 0.87

R(S-) = 0.81, R(S+) = 0.88; Estimated basic reproduction number (R) for the East of England.


Cambridge Admissions

Number of new COVID admissions to Cambridge hospitals

New Cases

UK Incidence

Rel no. of UK swab tests returning a positive result, calibrated for test capacity and pillar variance.

Active Cases

UK Infection Survey

Estimated no. of infected in England (blue) and UK (black).

R Number

England R = 0.84

R(S-) = 0.94, R(S+) = 0.83; Estimated basic reproduction number (R) for England.


UK Hospital Admissions

Number of people newly admitted to UK hospitals with COVID


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