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About this Datahub

When SARS-CoV-2 started to spread around the world, and the current global epidemic was born, as an individual, it became increasingly difficult to have perspective on the situation, because little was known about the virus. Reactions ranged from “no need to react”, to “total lockdown”, and countries responded differently, depending on where their leader’s views were on this scale. The UK government was initially near the “no need to react” end of the scale, but as evidence began to build, moved more towards the necessity for “total lockdown”.

For UK citizens, it became increasingly difficult to know what was the best course of action; there was little data to help inform, and the data in general circulation often had a media narrative attached to it, and opinion became divided.

As the UK epidemic began to subside and lockdown restrictions were carefully lifted, time moved on and datasets built. Scientific understanding of the virus grew, and much more data became available. But still the media narrative made it difficult to have perspective on the situation on the ground.

Having a place that presents the data, without a narrative, or spin, has become increasingly important. Furthermore, having access to as many different datasets in one place, presented in easy to interpret graphics, makes it easy to make comparisons, and decide for ourselves, what is the true current situation in the UK.

The intended purpose of this site, is to act as a central access hub where users can find key data, relating to the current UK coronavirus epidemic. The data accessible here is by no means an exhaustive collection of available COVID epidemic metrics, but rather data that we feel is useful to help users determine the current status of the UK epidemic. Furthermore, as time passes and the science develops, we intend to introduce new features and content to this site.

The data accessible through this site, is publically available through other sites. Though it is used here in a number of different visual forms, we do not claim any association with, or affiliation to the source providers of this data. This site was created in response to the continually changing data, to save time, preventing the necessity for frequent data download and analysis.

The author of this site has a background in medicinal chemistry, working in drug discovery in big pharma. The author is not an expert in virology, or epidemics, but has experience handling and analysing complex data sets. The author's scientific expertise includes medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and understanding biological systems at the molecular level.

There is no intention to monetise this site, through advertising or any other avenue, we believe in science for the good of all; if you find this site useful, please share it with your friends, the more people with access to the data, the more informed we can become as individuals, and the less reliant we become on misinformation.


All data presented in the charts and analysis on this website come exclusively from external sources. The data is downloaded and updated live using APIs as you peruse this site. This datahub is intended as a convenient portal to access the data, and see a variety of different analytical representations. It is not intended as a primary source, and as such we make no warranties or claims to the authenticity or accuracy of the data presented here; you should access directly the source data for critical decision making.