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Key Datasets

This page contains overlaid datasets, with and without scaling and time shifting. The purpose of this is to look for trends spanning different datasets, to help find evidence for causality and lag between these datasets.

At present, there is no discussion about these graphs; the reader is invited to draw their own conclusions from these data.

Dataset alignments are modified over time as the data evolves; clicking on the legend items for each graph temporarily removes a dataset from view, which is useful when looking for trends over time.

Best Fit

In this graph, all data sets are normalised to fit on the same y-axis, and time-shifted along the x-axis, to create an optimal fit. Doing this adjusts for the differing delays or lags between datasets. Below we have two version of the graph, the second having a logarithmic y-axis.


Hospital & Symptom Study

Hospital data, mortality, and COVID symptom study data overlaid without time shifting.

Click legend items to hide and reveal datasets:

Admissions & Occupancy Fitted

Click legend items to hide and reveal datasets:

Mortality Fitted

Alternative Fits

Below we have a series of alternative versions of the 'Best Fit' graph above.

Click legend items to hide and reveal datasets:

Fit 2 - Timeshifted

Fit 3 - Timeshifted

Fit 4 - Timeshifted

Fit 5 - Not Timeshift


All data presented in the charts and analysis on this website come exclusively from external sources. The data is downloaded and updated live using APIs as you peruse this site. This datahub is intended as a convenient portal to access the data, and see a variety of different analytical representations. It is not intended as a primary source, and as such we make no warranties or claims to the authenticity or accuracy of the data presented here; you should access directly the source data for critical decision making.